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Enjoy the Sunshine experience in a world of tech: personal and face to face help is what we do best! We created Sunshine Web Design & Marketing LLC to hold your hand as little or as much as you need through this whole web design and marketing process. From help clarifying your brand, target customer and message to SEO, writing your copy and beautiful design so your business stands out and attracts the best clients. We will be there for you!

Why listening is always our first step.

(Strategy and Planning Time, the first step in the design process.)

We start every relationship with a face-to-face time (over coffee or video chat) listening to your personal and business goals. We brainstorm together how Tate, Scott and I can help you get there. The more we can get to know you, your business and your potential client’s needs, the more help we can be.

In our tech oriented world we feel like face to face communication is becoming a lost art form. Here at Sunshine Web Design we think it’s time that changes.

If you hire Sunshine, this is what happens next…

Throughout this process, we’ll spend as much or as little time actually sitting with you as you need. Whatever helps us move the project along and make you feel comfortable, we’ll do. 


Before we start: Let's evaluate where you're at and how we can help.

We’ll look over and audit your current website then talk with you about your goals and how we can help you. We’ll create a custom plan, price and time line. No pressure or selling…EVER!


Strategy and Planning Session

We start with a sit down (in person over coffee or over video chat) for a strategy and fact-finding session. We listen to your desires, goals and ask questions that help us understand where you want to go with your business and how your website or marketing will help you get there.


Gather the Important Details

We move ahead taking each area you need help on. You can choose to use a questionnaire and send it to us or we can sit together talking over all of these very important things. Linda helps with your branding (colors, fonts, feel), narrowing down your target client/customer and can help create copy with a clear message. Scott analyzes your competition and does all your SEO research (so the right customers will find your website). Tate can also develop a marketing plan that works with your site. We can also take new headshots. Linda is an award-winning photographer, so you’ll be in good hands.


Design and Build your new Website

Then, when we have all the needed information, we design each page to guide your visitors toward your call to action. Then Tate builds your custom website. He makes it look beautiful on phones, tablets and desktops. You will get to see it and make changes as we go!


Training, Test and Go Live

Training: Tate is the most patient and techie guy we know and is amazing at helping our clients. He will show you everything you need to know about your new site. He can also help you with social media and setting up everything from email to Google My Business. Once everything is tested, it’s time to launch your new website and watch it start to get results and grow your business!


Hosting, Maintenance and keeping it awesome

Having a website is like having a dog. You have to feed and take care of him. Once your website is launched, it needs to be maintained. You can do it yourself, take it somewhere else or we can do it for you. We can get you connected with a high quality hosting company as well. We can also help you make changes as needed, help you with a blog and e-mail ideas and help you decide which social media to use and ideas for that too! Training is also available if you would like to do these things yourselves. We have on-going support through accountability coaching and our Facebook business community group also. You’ll never feel alone again!

Websites in need of help

New Ideas to help you grow

Cups of dark coffee


In love with our work

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process last?

The length of time it takes to complete a website depends on the size and complexity of the project and how timely deadlines are kept and approvals given. Starter websites can usually be done 2-4 weeks after we start and most full projects take 10-12 weeks after we start — once we receive all the information we need. We’ll work out more details at your strategy session. Changes and revisions can also affect the launch date.

How much will this cost?

How much things cost depends on the project.  Our Starter Websites start around $1,997. Full projects (Small Business and Growth Websites) with more pages and if you need more help, start around $4,500. After our strategy session, we put together a plan, price package, and time table. We customize each package so your website can help you meet all your business goals.

Do you take care of the website when it’s done?

We are happy to do that for you. Once your site is done, Tate will give you some training if you want to make small content changes yourself. After that, you can choose to do everything yourself (find hosting and maintain it yourself) or we can set you up with a quality hosting company and maintain/monitor the website for you for about the price of a cable bill. We also offer several packages to keep the content updated and help you make changes as needed.

Can you help me set up my Facebook Business page, Google My Business and different social media?
Absolutely! We can help you with almost anything you might need. Our goal is your peace of mind and so you can grow your business .
Do you have business coaching packages available?

Yes, we offer Strategy Coaching as well as Accountability Coaching which is how we help many of our clients stay on course once your website launches. We have single sessions ($147/hr) and groups of 3 one-hour sessions for $299. We are also putting together monthly accountability packages which include coaching, check-ups on your social media, reviews, Google Analytics review and help with blogs and emails and more. We can talk about everything from social media to branding, emails to blogs and help keep you accountable. Whatever you need to talk over, I’m here to help in any way I can. I’m your greatest cheerleader and a really good listener.

Where are you located?

We’re based in Ames, Iowa but love to work in the Des Moines area and throughout central Iowa. We love to come wherever works best for you, usually to your business or a favorite coffee shop. We can also set up a video chat.

If we live in another state or country, can we still work with you?

Absolutely! If you live in the Ames/Des Moines area we can meet in person but we often do a lot of our face-to-face time via Skype or video chats. So, we can work with anyone from almost anywhere in the country or world! We’ll walk you through how to use video chat, if you need help. It’s awesome.

What if I'm not happy with my website?

We will be working very closely together with you through the whole process. You will have several times to look at it as it comes together so you can make changes. It will never go live until you’re happy with it.

What exactly is "hand holding"?

By hand holding, we mean, special help with special things. It will look different for each client. It might be setting up all your social media, helping you with your branding, help deciding your best target customer. For the things that are important but difficult for you to do, we come along side and figuratively hold your hand until it’s done and done right. You may already be on top of your brand and who your preferred customer is, but need extra help clarifying your message and your competition analysis. If that’s the case, that’s how we’ll help.

You are a Superhero!

If this was a story, YOU would be the hero! You are your customer’s hero because you give them what they need. They have a problem and look on-line for a solution. But, what if they can’t find you? Or, if they can find you, your website doesn’t interest them? They leave before they can even meet you. Tate, Scott and I want to help everyone know just how cool you really are! With the right design, message and strategy, we want to help them fall in love with you and choose you to be their hero! Even super-heroes need a helping hand sometimes.


How much is your poor website costing you? How many potential customers are missing out because people don’t know why they should choose you? What if they can’t even find you? A poor website may already be costing you a great deal.

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